Thursday, March 10, 2016 - "How to Successfully Leverage Case Interview Frameworks Webinar"

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PwC - What Recruiters Are Really Thinking

Burning Question

Q. Is the consulting industry well represented across the country or are some pockets/areas more concentrated than others?
A. For the most part and as you can imagine, consulting firms tend to set up shop in major cities. Some territories may have sector specialties, so DC for example will be home to firms working closely with government, Philadelphia will have many firms with a life sciences focus and Texas will be home to firms... Read more

Words from the Wise

"What would I consider a high level of talent? It's the usual things like creativity, diagnostic skills, being a quick study, a self-starter, mental agility, communication skills, presence, integrity, and teamwork." Mike LaPorta, former Partner and Global Leader, Deloitte Consulting